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As a Shadchan or shadchanit, you have chosen the path of helping your fellow Jew find his or her zivug at a time when there is a serious crisis in the shidduch world. As a shadchan, you have surely been hard at work trying to suggest shidduchim, and hopefully with success. You have surely been inundated with phone calls from desperate parents, asking you to help find a suitable match for their child, You have probably already filled many notebooks with information of girls and boys around the globe. What started out as a small notebook has mushroomed, and you cannot keep track of anything anymore. You are starting to panic due to the enormous demand. You know that the solution lies in computerizing the data.
With these problems in mind the Shadchan's Circle was born. Our goal is to have a database, and computerized shidduch suggestion to faciliate your work. You will be able to enter the name of a specific male or female, and receive some suggestions from the computer. We are hoping to ease your job, allow you to be more efficient, and give you the time for that many more shidduchim.
There is no greater pleasure than being the Shaliach in a successful shidduch, and may we all be zoche to the shalichus. In this role of shadchan we may never forget the enormous responsibility we have towards the candidates that have entrusted their private lives to us, whether in a written application form, by phone, or any other means.
Information that is given to the shadchan is strictly confidential. With this in mind we have formulated a small list of guidelines for the shadchan:
* Information may not be shared with spouse, friends, children or relatives
* Every Shadchan may enter information given him/her via telephone, fax, letter...
* You may not go "shopping" on the site in the presence of prospective candidates or their relatives (for that matter, anyone that is not a vetted shadchan in this organization)
* You may share all information on this database with shadchanim that belong to this organization
Please read the above carefully, fill in the information below and send if you are in agreement.

Please also print out, sign and fax to + 323 232 6510. Your application will not be processed if this is not done.

Thank you, The Shadchan's Circle

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